Dominate your life goals

Everything you need to design your life.


Designing your life is hard.
But not that hard.

Well, if you have a system. Angstrom is not like any other project management app or to-do list app because it is built around a hierarchy.

Everything starts with your Life goals and who you want to be.

From there you create milestones. Points in time where you will achieve a certain amount of your life goals.

Below your milestones are the projects and tasks you need to hit your milestones.

Life goals
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I believe that the right tool can help you live the life you always wanted and become a happier person.
That's why I am building Angstrom.

Kelvin Angstrom

Your success might not be as far away as you think.

The biggest problem with achieving your goals these days is working on seemingly important but irrelvant things.

Don't get me wrong it is easy to do. There are so many shiny objects in this world.

The only real cure is being crystal clear about what you want. And why you want it. Angstrom will help you with both.

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You only live once. Make it great.

Knowing where you want to be in the future is half the battle. Start with your life goals. With who you want to be. Everything else takes care of itself.

Angstrom uses the life goals hierarchy shown above to structure everything. So that you know WHY you are working on something.

If you can't figure out where a task should logically go in your goals hierarchy, should you be doing it?

Life goal:
Be financially free
Next 3 years
Day job at E Corp
Side gig: Ship
Homepage design
Analytics for recurring tasks
Ridiculously good-looking
Blue steel

Your progress at a glance.

When you have a lot of things on your plate it can be difficult to know where you stand.

Having visual indicators of the status of tasks can be very useful to let you know how long you worked on a task and how much time you think it will take to complete.

Let's also not underestimate the feeling of accomplishment that you can get from making everything green :) Give it a try. Feels good right!

You need a helping hand. We all do.

Every 10 minutes Angstrom analzes all of Goals, Milestones, Projects and tasks.

If it finds a problem. It tells you. And suggests a remedy!

If you haven't reviewed your goals or a task that you have let slip through the cracks and forgotten about, you'll be given a gentle nudge to deal with it.

Analyze primary

What makes you tick?

The best way to improve how you work (and how you live) is with feedback. Without feedback you can't alter your flightpath to reach your desired destination. Angstrom gives you that crucial feedback so that you can achieve what's important for you in your life.

Life goals
How is your time split between your life goals
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Creation to completion
Time to complete
Time spent working
Graph of how much time you spent working in the last 30 days
Working time
What days of the week do you complete pomos?
Some days are just better than others. Learn your most productive days.
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Your feelings
See a feelings map for the last 60 days
Feelings map
Track how you are feeling
View your feelings trend over time
Feelings over time
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