About me.

I am an Irish one-man band digital nomad. An independent software developer. I code, design (badly) and try to market what I build. I've been involved in productivity software for more than 15 years. But Angstrom is different. It's not just about "getting things done", it's about doing the right things.

I built Angstrom for me. To help me keep on top of all aspects of my life, not just work. It is far too easy to get swept-up with work to the detriment of everything else. Friends, family, significant others.

Angstrom really does help. Well it helps me anyway. It's too soon to say if it will help others as much as me (update: it seems to ). I sincerely hope it does. It will get better over time with your help!

Do get in touch with me (kelvin@angstrom.life) if you feel there is something that I can do to make Angstrom better for you and everyone like us.
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