How to achieve your goals in life

My thoughts, strategies and tools for life design

Life goals post
An interactive guide to help you discover your life goals by "starting with the end in mind", your funeral. At the end of this post you will have created your obituary, mission statement, four life-goals and four twelve month milestones to help you achieve your goals. You can save all of these as PDF files. You do not need to register for anything, it is an anonymous and free guide.
By: Kelvin Angstrom.
Updated: 18th of October 2020
Time to read: 20+ mins
Decisions post
In this guide I list the most important decision making frameworks and give a short summary for each. I have categorized the frameworks in order to help you find the ones that are most relevant for any decision that you need to make.
By: Kelvin Angstrom.
Updated: 18th of November 2020
Time to read: 15 mins
Life goals post
In this guide I outline the most important periodic reviews that everyone should be doing. Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly and Yearly. I discuss how these reviews can build upon each other and how you can write them efficiently.
By: Kelvin Angstrom.
Updated: 18th of October 2020
Time to read: 12 mins
Bitesize posts
This is not just one post. I have written 3 bitesize life thoughts so far. I will continue to add more. These are quick thoughts that don't really deserve a full article at the moment. They might just ideas that will start small and expanded over time.
By: Kelvin Angstrom.
Updated: 4th of February 2020
Time to read: 14 mins
Quotes post
I am curating my favourite quotes on different topics that relate to personal productivity and self development. These are not just long lists of quotes. I'll select no more than 15 on each topic and explain what they mean to me.
By: Kelvin Angstrom.
Updated: 5th of February 2020
Time to read: 18 mins
Routines post
Morning routines are an often over-looked secret weapon that can dramatically improve your effectiveness and quality of life. In this post you can design your morning routine template and download it as PDF file.
By: Kelvin Angstrom
Updated: 26th of February 2020
Time to read: 8 mins