Plan, Work, Analyze.

The only way you will get the right things done.

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Become your best self.

Angstrom gives you the tools that you need to set and more importantly achieve your goals.

Angstrom is divided into three sections. Plan, work and analyse. Planning is crucial to make sure that you are working on the right things!

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A reviewed life, is a lived life

Create weekly / monthly / quarterly and yearly reviews of your life

Track your feelings

How you feel over time is important to keep a track of. Life is a rollercoaster. If you're consistently feeling unhappy over time then maybe you need to make a major change. Tracking your mood gives yourself the evidence and impetus to make a change.

Easy to understand visualizations.

See how your mood can improve when you are focussed on the right things.

Predict when you will finish

If you estimate how long it will take to complete a project or goal. Angstrom will give you a predicted completion date that gets more and more accurate as you log time to complete it.

This is especially useful for large goals where it is hard to know when you will finish.

Journals are the foundational block of a reviewed life.

Just a few words. That's all you need to bring the feelings and mood that you had in the past.

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Your day at a glance.

The work section of Angstrom is your command center.

Keep this open throughout the day to keep you focussed.

Anything that you have starred from section is added here.