Released versions

Version 12 - 26th of November 2019
(BETA) Version 11 - 5th of October 2019
Version 10 - 25th of August 2019
Version 9 - 5th of August 2019
Version 8 - 24th of July 2019
Version 7 - 27th of June 2019
Version 6 - 14th of May 2019
Version 5 - 12th of May 2019
Version 4 - 10th of May 2019
Version 3 - 4th of May 2019
Version 2 - 28th of April 2019
Version 1 - 25th of April 2019

Upcoming features

(Update 2: Windows app is live) / Mac / (Update 1: Linux app is live)
Suggestions Dashboard. Every 10 minutes that status of all your Life Goals, Milestones, Projects and Tasks will be analyzed and any suggestions presented to you. You will also be given a list of recommended remedies for all issues found.
Client-side encryption. Server side-encryption is already in place.
Full hierarchy sorting on the "Plan" page.
Daily journaling feature. Choose how many words you would like to write per day. Get prompted on the "Work" page every day.
Inspirational quotes. Select quotes you like from a list (or add your own) and have one randomly displayed to you every day.
Dual direction counters. Some tasks work better if you count up until complete.
Reusable checklists. These can be added to any task that you wish and marked off as you complete items.
Filtering of the analytics "Overview" page to an individual Life Goal / Milestone / Project or Task.
Statistics on the "Work" page for all of the tasks that you have selected for that day. How long it should take you to complete all of the tasks based on your estimates.
Get an emailed report on your progress.
Task templates. Use a template to create a specific type of task. All properties of the task (and its children) can be duplicated.
iOS / Android app