Plan Routines

This is where you design your routines. This page can be a little confusing because there are three different types of items that you can add to a routine.
  • The first type is the most important. They are tasks that are already in your hierarchy. These are tasks that are important and you want to keep track of them long term. Use the "Add a task" button to add these.
  • The second type is called "Add some buffer time". This is time that is not tracked against your goals but allows you to switch context without stopping your routine from running. It will take a few days for you to dial in what is a good buffer time between tasks.
  • The third type is called "Add non-important tasks". These are items that don't bring you closer to your life goals but still need to be done. These tasks are never added to your hierarchy and only exist in the routine where you create them. An example might be "Morning coffee" or "Feed the dog" etc.
  • You can edit the amount of time for each item by clicking on the time on the right of the task .
  • You can re-order your routine items by dragging using this icon