Working on today

This is the most important page in the app. It is your command center for getting things done.
  • The main thing on this page is your list of tasks that you have starred (). You should try and complete all of these items by the end of the day.
  • Every day you will be asked how you feel on this page. You should take a quick moment to think about this before you select your feeling. You can always change it later in analyze > feelings if your mood changes later in the day.
  • The tasks that you have scheduled as recurring are also listed on this page. As you complete these tasks you'll get a lovely yellow checkbox to give you a sense of satisfaction and progress.
  • You can also launch your routines from this page. Routines are a great way to structure your morning or evening tasks.
  • Tasks that we feel you should work on today are also "Suggested" to you on this page. Suggestions will be become smarter over time as more data is added.